Date: October 3, 2015.

Time: 10:26PM PST

Status: Unable to sleep, so I write.

I am very pleased to find that I have less than 50 images left in this project. If you’ve been following along since the beginning (2013), you’ll know that this has been a long journey. Granted, a lot of it was pre-written before hand (as early as 2008); but shooting it, curating it, and rolling it out as been an emotionally arduous process. And today, to find myself so close to end, I feel relieved.

These are chapters that need a close – a book that needs to be returned to the shelf. The past is an easy place to visit. A carefree stroll down memory lane is intoxicating because your mind has already eradicated all the bad memories that have once littered the sidewalks of these streets. But that is not the whole truth nor is it the honest truth. It’s a fabrication composed by the thread and needle of time. 

It’s easy to let the what-if’s and the the would-have-been’s haunt you, but don’t. Because if you’re too busy being blinded by that, you’ll never see the what-will-be. There is no doubt that your past makes you who you are, but it does not dictate who you will be. I have no regrets because I’ve written them all and tossed them to the wind. My past may have defined this project, it may have defined my work, but it does not define me.

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